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Yvette Stevens at 16 years old after befriending activist and Chicago native Fred Hampton in 1967 joined the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party. Her duties were to hit them streets and sell the Black Panther newspaper and she also helped start the free breakfast for children program in Chicago. She states “”I saw what they were doing and it seemed to me that they were making sense.” In 1969 she left the Black Panther Party,she states “”I acquired a gun at one time and right then I realised it was not really for me…” A Yoruba priest at the Afro-Arts Theatre she attended gave her a new, very long name: Chaka Adunne Aduffe Yemoja Hodarhi Karifi. Only the Chaka stuck and with a marriage to Hassan Khan she had become CHAKA KHAN. 
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  • 6 February 2014
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